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Meet the Physician: Introducing Amber MacFarlane, DO

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Dr. MacFarlane is joining the Beatty Harris team at the Newtown Square location starting on July 17th, 2023.

What's your role at Beatty Harris Sports Medicine and how do you help support our clients and patients?

I am a sports medicine physician with Beatty Harris Sports Medicine. I provide care to our patient population by evaluating and treating patients of all ages for acute and chronic musculoskeletal complaints and injuries. I am experienced in ultrasound-guided injections, sport-related concussion management, and osteopathic manipulative treatment.

What’s your greatest moment — whether in work, school, or business — so far?

My greatest moment in my career so far would be this past year during my fellowship I had the opportunity to travel to El Salvador with the Philadelphia Union for the Champions League tournament. It was a great unique experience to interact and work with a professional team, the athletic trainers, and staff as their doctor.

What's your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite thing about my job is getting to be a part of my patients' progress in their goals to return to the activities that they enjoy. I was a prior college athlete and my family members have always been active, so I understand the frustration when there is something hindering your ability to do what you love. I find this job extremely rewarding that I get to be a part of a patient’s journey to recovery after an injury.

What was the moment when you decided being a sports medicine physician was your calling?

I had an early exposure during college with the opportunity to shadow a sports medicine physician. I always had an interest in musculoskeletal anatomy, and I fell in love with all the aspects of the field that I experienced during my time at that rotation. I had the opportunity to learn about all of the treatment options for patients with common musculoskeletal injuries that Sports Medicine physicians could offer, and this immediately caught my interest as a young student.

How is this experience different from any other sports medicine physician experience you have had?

At Beatty Harris, the staff, physical therapists, and physicians are all dedicated to listening to our patients and providing them with the time, and the care that they deserve to help them achieve their goals. We value the importance of a patient-centered care model, and I am extremely happy to be a part of this team.

What motivates you in life?

My husband and family have always been great motivators throughout my life but a lesson from my father has stuck with me throughout my training so far. Growing up he always said, “no matter what you choose to do in life, always strive to master your craft”. This statement has resonated with me through time to remain dedicated to being curious and to learning, and to always have the goal to better myself as a doctor and person each day.

Who do you love to follow on Twitter or Instagram and why?

I love following the Philadelphia sports teams. I have always been a huge football fan and now a soccer fan and love watching the teams interact with each other and their fans.

Where can someone find you on a day you're not at the clinic?

Spending time with my husband, Shane, and with my friends and family. Usually trying new restaurants or playing sports but my favorite place is anywhere with a beach.

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

I recently read Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King. I am a huge fan of his novels; it is something my mother and I do together.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

My husband Shane. He has been by my side every day throughout residency and fellowship.

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