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Meet the Physician: Introducing Allen Harris, DO

What's your role at Beatty Harris Sports Medicine and how do you help support our clients and patients?

I am a sports medicine physician and the co-founder of Beatty Harris Sports Medicine. I evaluate, diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries in patients of all ages, abilities, and activity levels. I perform procedures and provide treatments in our office to get people out of pain and back into the activities they enjoy.

What’s your greatest moment — whether in work, school, business — so far?

Winning a team National Championship at Penn State in Gymnastics.

What's your favorite thing about your job?

Working with patients to figure out the source of their pain and then providing treatment to get them back to their sport or activity. Seeing people progress from injury and pain to getting back on the field and performing at the highest level is what makes my job so rewarding.

What was the moment when you decided being a sports medicine physician was your calling?

It was probably when I was dealing with a shoulder injury as a gymnast in high school and college. I realized how much goes into getting an athlete back to their sport and how having the perspective and experience of being an athlete could be an asset to treating patients in sports medicine.

How is this experience different from any other sports medicine physician experience you have had?

I get to spend time with my patients and make sure they feel truly heard. It is great to have patients frequently say things like “You are the only doctor who has ever spent that much time listening to me and figuring out my problem. Nobody has ever taken the time to explain things to me in a way I understand”.

What motivates you in life?

My family.

Who do you love to follow on Twitter or Instagram and why?

Philadelphia professional sports teams and athletes. I am a fan of all of the local teams and enjoy the vibe around the city when our teams are playing well.

Where can someone find you on a day you're not at the clinic?

Spending time with my wife, my son Jude, and yellow lab Quigley. We like to walk, hike and try local restaurants and breweries, especially those that are dog friendly.

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

Giraffes Can’t Dance… to my 9-month-old, it’s his favorite.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

Being outside and active. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I love being outdoors.


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